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Jack W. Gooding Chapter 13 Trustee


Documents like tax returns contain personal identification information about your debtors. 13Documents.com treats all documents filed on 13Documents.com as extremely sensitive documents. All documents are filed on 13Documents.com using high-grade SSL connections. In addition to securing the documents during transport, 13Documents.com also encrypts the documents upon receipt. All documents are encrypted while stored at 13Documents.com using high-grade PGP encryption. You only need one account to file documents with multiple Trustees. Once your account setup is completed, you will have the opportunity to register with each individual Trustee with whom you are a party-in-interest. The Trustee will review your registration request and you will receive an e-mail once your registration has been approved.
To Use 13Documents.com you must register for access. One login per law firm is suggested. Registration is free.
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