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Payment Options

Many Chapter 13 cases are set up to have the required monthly payment deducted automatically by the employer from the debtor’s paycheck. In some cases, the debtor may make their payment directly to the Trustee. In these cases we offer the following payment options. [more]

Debtor Education

Free online course through the Trustee’s Education Network (TEN).  [more]

Debtor Handbook

This booklet answers some of the questions that will arise during your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case. Read this booklet completely to better understand your obligations and responsibilities. [more]

Auto Insurance Program

Under Chapter 13, if you own an automobile that has a lien on it, you are REQUIRED to carry comprehensive and collission insurance coverage on that automobile until the lien has been paid in full. If you currently have Comprehensive and Collision insurance coverage on your automobile, it is your responsibility to immediately provide proof of such coverage. [more] Request a Payoff To request a payoff on your case please send an email to info@ark13.com. Please include the word payoff and your case number in the subject line of your email. Requests submitted within the 5th and 20th of each month will be responded to promptly. Requests received after the 20th may be held until after the 5th of the following month.  View Case Information Debtors can access their case information online through the National Data Center at ndc.org. Learn how to use the website www.ndc.org with this tutorial video.

Debtor Information

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